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Conducted risk assessment of polymer products for the first time in the domestic industry

Updated: May 16, 2023

[Reporter Seo Hyo-moon from Korea Financial News]

Lotte Chemical (Vice Chairman Kim Gyo-hyun) announced on the 10th that it will be the first company in the domestic chemical industry to conduct hazard assessments for its own manufactured products.

Product hazard assessment is a systematic evaluation system that measures the effects of specific chemical products on humans and the environment. It comprehensively analyzes the content and quantity of substances contained in the product, toxicity, exposure levels to humans, air, water, and soil, residual effects, and provides customers with information about the product. It can also be used to derive measures to reduce the hazards to workers exposed to chemical products and the end customers. It also plays a role in verifying the external impact of the product and providing methodologies for the development of safer alternative substances and materials compared to existing ones.


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