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Environmental health and safety solutions


  • Environment: Minimizing environmental impact through the installation of wastewater treatment and pollution prevention facilities

  • Health: Implementation of appropriate personal protective equipment and training programs for improving working environments

  • Safety: Providing safety education programs including improvement of hazardous work procedures and establishment of emergency response plans

Goals and expected results

  • Regular risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate response measures

  • Accident prevention through education, training, and establishment of safe work practices

  • Continual improvement by addressing internal and external EHS-related issues

Consulting on Diagnostic Improvement

  • Establishment of EHS improvement strategies based on field investigations and analysis

  • Construction of an EHS management system tailored to the characteristics of the workplace

  • Development of a chemical safety management system based on chemical hazard assessments

  • Compliance with legal regulations(such as The Serious Accidents Punishment Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Chemical substances Control Act, etc.)

  • Establishment of emergency prevention and accident response management systems

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