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ESG Consulting

Customized corporate consultation for ESG

ESG evaluation

  • Risk assessment of single chemicals/chemical compounds

  • Identification and evaluation of risks in the fields of environment/safety/health

  • Indicator-based ESG evaluation/due diligence agency for each industry and evaluation agency

Consultation to establish ESG management system

  • Establishment of ESG data such as inventory of substances used

  • Calculation of carbon emissions

  • Preparation of internal/external ESG reports

  • Sustainability disclosure(on chemical safety/environment)

Consultation on ESG performance improvement

  • Establishment of strategies to correspond to/resolve environmental risks

  • Designing reduction and circulation system of required resources and establishing strategies for improvement

  • Establishment of strategies to evaluate and mitigate the risk of workplace/ecological risks

  • Preparation of Product Stewardship Report

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Product Stewardship Report

  • Product Stewardship: Product responsibility throughout its lifecycle in the chemical industry

    • Management activities in which manufacturers voluntarily perform pre/post product management to minimize safety/environmental/health impacts throughout the life-cycle of products, from raw materials to disposal

    • When using chemical products, the root cause of safety/environmental/health risks lies in the raw materials or manufacturing process of the product, and as a result, the user’s safety/environment/health is predominantly affected by the manufacturer’s product responsibility

  • Product Stewardship Report(PSR) and ESG management

    • Publication of PSR contributes to the improvement of ESG management by minimizing the safety/environment/health impact on product use and increasing the sustainability of products and industries

    • PSR is directly related to the improvement of ESG evaluation results in social(S) and environmental(E) indicators such as assessment and reduction of workplace/ecological risks of chemicals, safety management of chemicals of interest, statistics on accident occurrence, chemical discharge and resource circulation, etc.

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