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ISO Certification Management

ISO(International Organization for Standardization)


Promoting international trade through the standardization of various facilities and activities related to service goods, and enhancing global cooperation in the fields of technology, science, and economic activities.

ISO 45001(Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)

An international standard certification aimed at systematically managing the safety and health of the organization and ultimately contributing to the company's profit generation by predicting and preventing various risks that may occur in the workplace in advance

ISO 45001 Certification effect

  • Plan

    • Determine and assess safety and health risks, safety and health opportunities, and other risks

    • Establish safety and health objectives and processes in accordance with the organization's safety and health policy

  • Do

    • Execute processes as planned

  • Check

    • Conduct activities according to safety and health policies and objectives

    • Monitor and measure processes

    • Report results

  • Act

    • Improve safety and health performance to achieve objectives and re-plan as necessary

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