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비즈니스 사람 (남자)

CCA(Chemical substances Control Act)

The Chemicals Control Act, enforced since 2015, aims to prevent hazards to public health and the environment caused by chemical substances, while ensuring their proper management. Additionally, it seeks to respond swiftly to accidents caused by chemical substances, thereby protecting the lives, property, and environment of all citizens from such substances

Verification of Chemical Substances

  • Verification of regulatory information before manufacturing or importing chemical substances(Article 9 of the CCA)

  • Agency services for import notification and licensing of hazardous chemical substances such as toxic substances, regulated substances, restricted substances, and prohibited substances

Chemical Accident Prevention Management Plan

  • A system to prevent chemical accidents and minimize damage in emergencies(Article 23 of the CCA)

  • Submit a Chemical Accident Prevention and Management Plan to the Director of the Chemical Substance Safety Center 60 days prior to the start date of the inspection of hazardous chemical handling facilities(Article 19 of the Enforcement Rules of the CCA)

  • ​Operators installing and operating hazardous chemical handling facilities exceeding the standards set by the Ministry of Environment must submit a Chemical Accident Prevention and Management Plan to the Minister of Environment every five years

Hazardous Chemical Handling Facility Inspection Consulting

  • Installation and operation according to the standards for placement, installation, and management prescribed by the Minister of Environment(Article 24 of the CCA)

  • Regular inspections, occasional inspections, safety inspections

    • ​Regular inspection: 1 year for those subject to a business license/2 years for those not subject to a business license

    • Occasional inspection: If a chemical accident occurs at a hazardous chemical handling facility, within 7 days from the date the chemical accident occurred

    • ​Safety inspection: Within 20 days from the date of receiving the test results


  • Consulting for hazardous chemical business permits

  • Facility improvements according to hazardous chemical handling standards

  • Assistance in compiling chemical substance inventories and complying with legal obligations

  • Consulting for installation inspections, regular inspections, and safety inspections for hazardous chemical handling facilities

  • Information diagnosis on relationships with other laws

  • Submission of chemical substance confirmation statements

  • Preparation of chemical accident prevention management plans

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