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Chemical accident prediction and prevention advancement technology development project

  • Project Title: Development of Green Environmental Technology for Building Information on Environmental Damage Diagnosis of Chemical Accidents

  • Support organization: Ministry of Environment, Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute

  • Business Purpose

    • Development of advanced technology to minimize hazardous chemical accidents and provide scientific and technological follow-up response

  • Support details

    • Development of ‘Advanced Chemical Accident Prediction’ technology, including D.N.A.-based accident prediction

    • Development of ‘advanced workplace management’ technology, including early detection for chemical accident prevention and management

    • Development of technology to ‘advance chemical accident damage prediction and diagnosis’, such as quantum chemistry-based accident substance on-site prediction

    • Development of technology to ‘advance the post-effects and management of chemical accidents’, such as assessing personal exposure levels to chemical accidents

  • Project period: 2022. 4. 1.~2026. 12. 31.

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