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2023 K-TAG Technology Consulting Project

  • Project Title: Identify overseas partners and plan international joint R&D projects to develop a Knowledge Package for the life-cycle responsibility of battery materials

  • Support organization: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

  • Business Purpose

    • ​Support open innovation (Open Innovation) for domestic companies by utilizing outstanding overseas Korean engineers (Global Technology Cooperation Support Group, K-TAG) to plan innovative international joint projects and explore overseas markets. This addresses major challenges faced by domestic SMEs and mid-sized companies in international collaborative technology development (R&D), such as identifying overseas technical information, finding overseas partners, and concluding international contracts

  • Utilization plan

    • Support the identification and selection of partners for international collaborative technology development

    • Analyze trends in the UK and Europe regarding the environmental, safety, and health impact assessment and response to chemicals/products

    • Provide assistance in drafting proposals for international collaborative technology development projects

  • Project period: 2023. 6. 1.~2023. 12. 31.​

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