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Development of Exposure and Risk Mitigation for Biocides, Assessment Methodology and Pilot Study on Risk and Hazard Assessment

According to the Chemical Product Safety Management Act, the verification of the safety, including the risk-benefit assessment of biocidal products, has become mandatory, leading to the promotion of building a technical foundation for exposure and risk assessments

National Institute of Environmental Research

Identify overseas partners and plan international joint R&D projects to develop a Knowledge Package for the life-cycle responsibility of battery materials

Support open innovation (Open Innovation) for domestic companies by utilizing outstanding overseas Korean engineers to plan innovative international joint projects and explore overseas markets


Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

Existing chemical substance hazard information confirmation project


Creating a hazard information database to reduce the burden of implementing the existing chemical registration system in the industry

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

Small and medium-sized business consulting support project


Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation

Development of Green Environmental Technology for Building Information on Environmental Damage Diagnosis of Chemical Accidents

Developing advanced technologies to minimize the occurrence of hazardous chemical accidents and to enable scientific and technological post-accident responses

Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute

Support Program for SMEs in the Entire Process of Biocidal Product Approval


As the approval grace period for existing biocidal substances comes to an end, companies need to proceed with the implementation of biocidal substance approvals


Korea Chemical Substances Management Association

Small and medium-sized enterprise joint registration entire process support project

Reduce the burden on industries such as small and medium-sized businesses

Support to minimize

Korea Chemical Substances Management Association

Development of intelligent exposure risk assessment technology and personalized risk information provision platform when using household chemical products

Creation of new products and services in connection with laws, institutions, and public systems of service delivery centered on science and technology to solve social problems closely related to people's lives.

Ministry of Science and ICT

The Study on Establishing a Methodology for Exposure Assessment of Biocidal Products


Anyone who intends to manufacture or import biocidal products must provide data on the hazards and risks (including exposure assessment) as well as the effectiveness and efficacy of the product to prove its safety


National Institute of Environmental Research

For exposure and risk assessment of biocides

Advancement of safety assessment (Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ)

Research on technical items and presentation of technical guidelines for human risk assessment and approval of biocides, improvement of safety assessment system capable of conducting human risk assessment, etc.

National Institute of Environmental Research

Environmental regulations tailored to business sites

On-site consulting business



Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

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