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Company overview

CHEMSOLVE is a professional institution in ‘risk assessment’ with expertise and reliability.
We mainly provide services in relation to implementing Korean Act on Registration, Evaluation, etc. of Chemicals (K-REACH) and related consultations.

The purpose of K-REACH is to protect public health from chemical substances that possibly
impose risks or are hazardous to humans and the environment. Based on the current Korean Act on Registration’s amendment, any person who intends to manufacture or import at least one ton of chemical substances per year (at least one ton of a phase-in substance per year or at least 100 kilograms of a non-phase-in substance per year) shall register the chemical substances.


Our services include K-REACH regulated substances confirmation and comprehensive information regarding implementation, developmental registration strategies, dossier preparation for submission, and first and foremost, a professionally prepared Chemical Safety Report (CSR), which is a mandatory requirement for all chemical substances that are manufactured or imported with at least 10 tons per year. 

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The ”Chemical Safety Report” requires expertise such as physical and chemical properties, toxicity
assessment, exposure scenario preparation, human and environmental exposure estimation, and consumer and worker exposure assessment. CHEMSOLVE harnesses experts in human health toxicity, environmental toxicity and risk assessment with extensive experience in domestic and international registration, while creating materials and providing expertise services.

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We have, over the years, skillfully provided services on phase and non-phase-in substances registration, exemption from registration of polymers, CSRs of various substances (organic, inorganic, metal salts, etc.), and are currently participating in developmental-consumer-exposure-assessment-platform projects.

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​We provide services on regulated substances conformation, roadmap development, strategy
establishment, etc. across all chemical substances for those who encounter problems in implementing K-REACH. Registration of Chemical Substances

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